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Lead Products, Lead Sheets, Lead Constructions | Efkarpia, Thessaloniki

Lead is an environmentally friendly material and while it is malleable, it is alsol extremely durable and lasts over 100 years.

It is 100% recyclable and leaves less impact on global warming compared to other synthetic materials. To support its sustainability, we also mention it is a practical, stylish, easy to use and cost-effective material that can meet a wide range of needs as it has a wide range of sheet thickness depending on its application.

Euro Lead is a leading company in the manufacturing and trading of lead products and their application, from its headquarters in Efkarpia Thessaloniki


Lead Products covers a wide range of applications, such as:

  • lead sheets in roof coating,
  • insulation against weather,
  • radiation shielding, sound insulation and more.

Lead Sheets are:

  • the most clean and green option,
  • fully versatile and ready for every use,
  • value for money products,
  • is always a modern option.





Our Products:

Lead Boxes

Protect your precious golden objects from thieves by placing them in a lead box.
Lead is the best shield to metal detectors in order to protect your golden objects!

Lead Roof Outlet

Construction of various types of lead roof outlet that drains rainwater.
Horizontal, side, angular, siphon type and whatever serves better your needs.

Lead Alloys

We manufacture and also trade lead alloys.


Lead Seals - Custom Seals

We manufacture and trade custom made seals suitable for Customs, Post Offices and Industries.

Lead Tubes

Flexible tubes suitable for plumbing use.

Custom Lead Constructions

We meet the needs of the customers by manufacturing or investing with lead whatever we are asked for.




Leading the Lead Market!